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2013 Walk For Our Grandchildren

2013 Walk For Our Grandchildren

Hundreds of walkers concerned about the environment will begin a week long hike Friday, from Camp David, in Thurmont, to the White House.  "I'm going to be a part of the 2013 Walk for our Grandchildren, because the kids in my town are being threatened by climate change and by the related build out of fossil fuel infrastructure, as it relates to fracking," said Ann Marie Now, Myersville resident.  "And it is here, approximately one mile from the elementary school,  closer still to the fire hall,  which houses the only evacuation shelter,  and within 2 miles of the entire town, the Dominion Transmission seeks to build a 16 thousand horse power compressor station to move gas along it's interstate pipe line," continued Now.

'Walk for our Grandchildren,' which is supported by several groups, including the Sierra Club, and Chesapeake Climate Action Network, will urge President Barack Obama to stop construction of the controversial Keystone XL  Pipeline and leave fossil fuels in the ground. 

The walk is expected to take over 8 days.


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