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Former Md. Correctional Officer Sentenced For Armed Robbery

Former Md. Correctional Officer Sentenced For Armed Robbery


It's off to prison for a former Maryland Correctional Officer. Cheryl White, 31, of Baltimore was sentenced to six years in prison on Tuesday in Frederick County Circuit Court for armed robbery. White pleaded guilty also on Tuesday to one count of armed robbery.

"It's a fairly ironic situation to have a correctional officer go from such to a correctional prisoner," says State's Attorney Charlie Smith.

White was arrested in October, 2012, following a home invasion robbery at a house  on Vision Lane in Walkersville. Smith says Cheryl White, Jesse G. Mears, Diontre Jamal Johnson and Kenneth Bernard White, traveled from Baltimore to Frederick County and entered the home  looking for money. The female victim in the home said Keith White pointed a gun at her after the four entered the home.

Smith says Cheryl White brought along some duct tape and flex cuffs, which were used to restrain the victim. He says the resident's hands  were secured with the flex cuffs, and duct tape was attached to her face and head. "But fortunately for her {the victim} and unfortunately for them {the suspects}, she had a cell phone in her hand which was down hidden in a chair. She was able to push 911 and the Sheriff's Office responded," says Smith.

The four suspects, realizing that police had arrived, tried to hide in the victim's home. The female resident managed to get out and inform the deputies about what was happening. Authorities searched the home, and found the three men in the attic, and Cheryl White was located in a closet. All four were taken into custody.

"We did ask for the maximum under the Maryland sentencing guidelines, which was eight years. But given the fact that she had no prior criminal history, six years was handed down. So we respect that decision from Judge {Julie Stevenson} Solt," says Smith.

Judge Solt gave White 20 years with all but six years suspended. When she gets out of prison, White will be put on three-years supervised probation.

He also noted that the sentencing of a correctional officer is a bit unusual. "We have had incidents where we do prosecute law enforcement people, but not for something like this. This is very serious; armed robbery, handguns, duct tape, flex cuffs," he says.

White was a Maryland Correctional Officer from 2005 until she was arrested in 2012.


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