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Job Hunt For August 5, 2013

Job Hunt For August 5, 2013

Frederick County Work Force Service's Director Laurie Holden said her agency is committed to assisting job seekers find

employment and there are several Hot Jobs that are available right now. To view other job postings , just go to




Operational Manager (294396)

The Operational Manager provides leadership and oversight for other positions; and will provide comprehensive support, training and coordination to effectively and efficiently implement the MHBE Connector Program specifically targeting those who have limited English proficiency or are difficult to reach populations.

Assister (294398)

Assisters will facilitate the application assistance and enrollment activities with connector partners by providing outreach and education to uninsured or under insured individuals in Frederick County. One full-time position and two part-time positions are available. These positions are grant-funded and may only be available for a period of one year.

Electrical Technician (295516)

Seeking an Electrical Technician that has full knowledge and troubleshooting skills of PLC's, computer systems, and our various electrical components that pertain to our production and building equipment. This individual needs to have knowledge of HVAC, air compressors, industrial vacuum systems, etc. Must have a minimum of 3-5 years experience.

Form Carpentry (296059)

Carpenters/form carpenters: frame with wood and metal, hang doors & windows; build forms, tie rebar. Must have valid drivers license, transportation and basic tools.

Welder - Production Line (289500)

The role of Welder requires the ability to communicate effectively in English. It also requires the desire and ability to work together as part of a team. The physical requirements of this role are the ability to stand all day, lift up to 50 lbs independently, more with assistance, manual dexterity, and a tolerance for extreme swings in temperature (summer it's hot and in winter it's cold).

Fabrication Technician (295484)

Responsibilities will include conducting: Fabrication of all In-house signage; Shipping, packaging and crating; Receiving shipments; Fabrication equipment maintenance; Electrical sign service; Installations, and other duties as assigned.

Tower Technician II

Looking for experienced candidates with Tower or any Wireless Communications experience for Tower Tech position(s). You will, assist in construction and erection and repair of towers and co-location system placement. Some Job Functions include: Climbing towers and ladders at various heights; Erection of various tower types; Off-loading material and inventory, other duties as assigned.

Delivery Driver-Gutters (294708)

The Delivery Driver will conduct---Daily delivery of gutter related material and gutters fabricated at the job site or to the customer's place of business. Some key responsibilities include: Process and compile materials necessary for delivery to the customer's job site or place of business; Packing orders; Fabricate gutters in the appropriate size and color by using a gutter machine, and other duties as assigned.

Senior Acquisition Specialists/Managers (296014)

Hyperion Biotechnology is seeking Senior Acquisition Specialists / Managers with knowledge and experience with medical research regulations, statutes, and protocols in support of military programs. The acquisition personnel will assist with documents containing human and animal-use requirements and must ensure compliance with all Federal and DoD regulations.

Curriculum Developer/ISD (295865)

Curriculum Developer and Instructional Technologist position includes conducting training needs analysis, instructional design, release management, content development, delivery facilitation and instruction, and train-the-trainer activities for all schools within the specified agency.

 Frederick County Workforce Services also offers many other resources like computer classes to help those who have not worked with computers before, "Like Computers for Scaredy Cats, Introduction to Computers and Windows, Intro to Word 2007, Intermediate Word 2007, and Introduction to EXCEL 2007."

The job tip of the week deals with electronic resumes. "Many people are required to send electronic resumes now. There's lots of different ways to do that, but it's important for folks to know that electronic resumes are read by scanners. We have classes to help you make that resume look readable for scanners," said Holden.

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