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Barricade Situation In Walkersville Ends Peacefully

Barricade Situation In Walkersville Ends Peacefully


A barricade situation in Walkersville ended peacefully Thursday afternoon.

State Police say they responded to a call at around 12:40 PM for an individual inside of a vehicle with a gun. Troopers arriving at the scene located a Jeep Cherokee in the parking lot of the Glade Medical Center at 15 East Frederick Street. They saw a man inside with a long gun beside him; he was unresponsive to commands, and also appeared sedated and unconscious. However, he was seen moving his hands.

Nearby businesses, including a McDonald's restaurant, were evacuated, and neighboring schools were asked not to release students.

Additional troopers from the State Police Barrack in Frederick, the Maryland State Police Aviation Division, Commercial Vehicle Enforcement, the Canine and SWAT teams and negotiators with the Frederick County Sheriff's Office was sent to the scene.

After about an hour, State Police say the man began moving inside the vehicle and was responsive to commands. He was ordered get out, and was detained. He was released after being checked over by emergency medical personnel. No charges were filed.

It's believed the man was under the influence of a prescribed narcotic, according to State Police.

Troopers say the firearm is believed to be an unregulated muzzle loader. It was seized while an investigation is ongoing.

State Police say there was no evidence of any threat to the public, and it doesn't appear the man had any psychiatric issues which would require a mental evaluation.


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