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Changes Proposed For Frederick's Campaign Finance Laws

Changes Proposed For Frederick's Campaign Finance Laws


An ordinance dealing with campaign finance is before the Frederick Board of Aldermen. The proposal introduced last week states that donations from multiple business entities owned by the same individual or individuals counts as one contribution. That includes companies which are wholly owned subsidiaries of other companies.

"I appreciate legal staff's ability to move quickly on this as we recognize that it's a loophole that should be closed," said Alderman Michael O'Connor.

The recommendation to change the law came from Alderwoman Carol Krimm. "All of the Board of Aldermen have recognized this as an issue that we would like to resolve during our term so that the next election cycle will have the new rules in place," she said.

Assistant City Attorney Rachel Depo said the ordinance will be ready to present to the Aldermen for a vote during their first November meeting. "It will take affect with the start of the next election cycle which is December 6th, 2013," says Depo.

She says the city's ordinance is similar to one passed by the Maryland General Assembly earlier this year.


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