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Cong. Delaney Wants More Public-Private Partnerships

Cong. Delaney Wants More Public-Private Partnerships


Public-private partnerships was the topic of a federal workshop in Frederick on Monday. Sixth District Congressman John Delaney (D-Md.) spoke about that during the event. "In my prior life, in the business world, I had the opportunity to travel around the world. One of the things that you notice is that when countries that were having good economic growth, or above average economic growth, you always observed that there was a good relationship between the government and private sector. In other words, they were working together to solve some of their problems," he says.

Delaney says that's been one of the things  what he wants to do in Congress. "How to create public-private partnerships, and how do we make sure the federal government is playing an appropriate role, and how do we make sure the private sector is allowed to thrive," he says.

While there are many public-private partnerships around the country, Delaney says it needs to be extended to repairing the nation's infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, and water and sewer facilities. He says right now, there are plenty of projects that need funding, but the government doesn't have the money. "The private sector is sitting on more cash then it ever has. We have those huge infrastructure needs. The public sector is somewhat over levered. So I'd like to see ways of getting that money into infrastructure," he says.

Delaney has introduce a bill in the House to encourage the private sector to invest in infrastructure.

The workshop was held at the National Cancer Institute's Technical Research Facility in the Riverside Corporate Park, 8560 Progress Drive, in Frederick. Also attending were 8th District Congressman Chris Van Hollen (D-Md), Senator Ben Cardin (D-Md) and SAIC-Frederick, Inc.


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