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FCPS Starts School Year With Enthusiasm

FCPS Starts School Year With Enthusiasm

Frederick County Public Schools opened all 66 schools on schedule today, the first day of the 2013-2014 school year.  Superintendent, Dr. Terry Alban, visited Catoctin area schools today.  "What Dr. Alban reported that she was really pleased about, is that she went to individual classrooms, and what she saw happening on day one was instruction. That's really, really critical," said Ann Bonitatibus, Chief Operating Officer, FCPS.  "Because everyday is so important, and we want to make sure that teachers are making the most of their time starting on day one. Dr. Alban is really pleased with the way that teachers are starting off the year," continued Bonitatibus.

Food and Nutrition Services offered some of students' favorite lunch choices.  "We are doing our best to provide lots of nutritious options for them," she said.

Every year there are a few glitches.  "That's just part of it.  Sometimes you have new drivers that may go pass a certain pick up location, not knowing that they needed to stop there.  Sometimes we have people not understanding what the pickup times are.  We did have some parents and students who weren't quite sure where to go this morning," Bonitatibus said.  "All of the issues were worked out by the afternoon," she continued. 


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