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FCSO Deputy Suspended

FCSO Deputy Suspended

On Friday, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Office suspended without pay Dfc. Todd Joia, a 7-year veteran of the office, after being notified by the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department (WV) that Dfc. Joia had been arrested earlier Friday and charged with a felony of Entering without Breaking.

In a press release authorities said Dfc. Joia was initially suspended with pay on 12/12/2013 upon notification from the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department that he was a suspect in a burglary investigation that occurred in Berkeley County and charges were pending. Sheriff Charles A. Jenkins said, "I’m absolutely floored by the alleged criminal actions of Joia. I can offer no explanation as to the reasons for what he did. I’m extremely angry that for the second time in the past week this agency’s reputation has been tarnished by the actions of off-duty deputies. This most recent event is extremely serious and in some ways indicative of the patterns we are seeing throughout society with people serving in positions of public trust. I don’t ever want incidents like this to overshadow the hard work and efforts of other deputies or law enforcement officers in general. If he is found guilty of the charge he should be held fully accountable for his actions."

The Frederick County Sheriff's Office will be conducting an internal investigation into the matter.


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