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Federal Income Tax Filing Season Starts Friday, Jan. 31st

Federal Income Tax Filing Season Starts Friday, Jan. 31st

The Internal Revenue Service is reminding us that federal tax filing season begins on Friday, Jan. 31st, 2014.

Citizens are encouraged to get all of their materials ready that they plan to put on their tax returns. "So make sure you have all your W-2's and any 1099's from banks, insurance or what not," says IRS spokesman Peggy Riley. "You want to make sure you have forms for your mortgage interest, any information you might need about child care expenses that you've paid, or any other deductions that you might claim on that tax return."

She also says it's best to fill out your return on line as opposed to mailing a paper form because you can get your refund much quicker. "We expect to get refunds out in about two weeks if you ask for direct deposit with electronic filing; about three weeks for paper checks," she says.

The IRS says the original start date for the filing season was Jan. 21st, 2014, but the partial government shutdown in October, 2013 delayed that.  Acting  Commissioner Danny Werfel says the shutdown resulted in delays in updating the IRS systems to receive returns.

In 2013, the federal tax filing season began on Jan. 30th, which was later than anticipated because of changes made in the tax laws by Congress in 2012.

For anyone who needs assistance in filling out their tax returns or has questions can go to for more information.

The deadline for filing tax returns is April 15th.


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