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Fire Fighters Battle Barn Fire In The Woodsboro Area

Fire Fighters  Battle Barn Fire In The Woodsboro Area

The cause of a barn fire in the Woodsboro area early Tuesday morning remains under investigation.

Fire fighters from Frederick and Carroll Counties were dispatched to the 13,200 block of Coppermine Road at around 4:15 AM, and found a 40-foot by 60-foot hay barn engulfed in flames, according to Capt. Kevin Fox, with Frederick County Fire and Rescue Services. He says personnel began an exterior attack, fighting the flames from the outside of the building.

Because the barn is located in a rural area, a tanker task force was established to ferry water to the scene. "Those units carry additional water, and assist in those defensive type operations throwing those large amounts of water and protecting any exposures that might exist, such as additional farm houses or any types of outbuildings that may be in the area," says Capt. Fox. He says the fire was contained to the barn.

There was no livestock in the barn, Fox says, and no was hurt in the fire.

Capt. Fox says highway crews brought in some grading equipment to help extinguish the flames which are inside of the individual hay bales. "A lot of times these are really labor intensive fires, which is the hay is on fire throughout. So we have to actually break the individual bales apart and spray those down to extinguish the fire," he says.

It took fire fighters a few hours to bring the flames under control, says Fox. He says the incident commander started to release some of the units by 7:00 AM. The area was completely cleared of fire apparatus by 1:45 PM, according to scanner reports.

No damage estimate is available from the fire, according to Capt. Fox.


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