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Frederick County Grand Jury Rules Death of Daniel Vail Justifiable Officer Shooting

Frederick County Grand Jury Rules Death of Daniel Vail Justifiable Officer Shooting

It was a busy day for a Frederick County Grand Jury on Friday. 

States Attorney Charlie Smith said the grand jury ruled that the death of Daniel Vail was a justifiable officer shooting.  "That will put to rest the criminality portion of that inquiry. Of course we do not deal with any kind of civil inquiry or whether there were any police standards that were breached or committed.  And based on the ruling today, we will not be bringing in criminal charges against the officers involved," said Smith. 

Vail was a a suspect in a home invasion robbery on January 8th of this year. In that incident on Long Corner Road, which police believe was drug related, three masked men with a baseball bat and shotgun allegedly tried to rob four people.  "So based upon that incident, and the request of Howard County,  on January 10th of 2013, the Frederick County Special Services Team assisted in serving a search and seizure warrant for Vail at his apartment in Frederick County.  So, on that day they made entry into Mr. Vail's bedroom.  They were confronted by Mr. Vail on or near his bed whose was pointing a shotgun at the deputies," he continued.  Smith said after several requests by officers for Vail to drop his gun, and he refused, the deputies involved, used their department issued handguns and fired upon Mr. Vail who was pronounced dead at the scene.

Also indicted by the grand jury Friday was Timothy Eugene Thompson, of Frederick for charges of attempted 2nd degree murder, 2nd degree sex offense and false imprisonment.  Corey Williams and Makayla Tyeryar, both from Frederick, were indicted on robbery offenses.


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