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Frederick County Highway Priorities Listed

Frederick County Highway Priorities Listed

Frederick County has three interim highway priorities to present to the Maryland Department of Transportation. The projects, discussed by the Commissioners during their Thursday worksession, are the widening of Route 15 from four to six lanes from Interstate 70 to Route 26; the construction of a new interchange for Route 85 at I-270;  and the widening of Route 180 from two to four lanes from a relocated Butterfly Lane to Solarex Court.

"We're sort of putting out there to State Highway and the Maryland Department of Transportation, given that a couple of projects have now either been funded or reactivated. So that we can now look at other projects that could move up the list for the state to consider," says Jim Gugel, Frederick County's Director of Planning.

He says it's hoped that the state will placed these priorities into the Consolidated Transportation Plan, which would put them in line for funding.

Representatives from the Maryland Department of Transportation will be in Frederick on Thursday, October 31st to receive this new list of projects.

Last year, the top priority was the construction of an interchange at Route 15 and Monocacy Boulevard. "Because of the revenue increase that the state adopted last year, with the gas tax increase, etc., the construction phase of that project is now funded," says Gugel.

He also says another former priority, Project Planning Funding for Meadow Road and I-70 ramps, has been reactivated. "That was a project that was in the program, but it was just on hold for funding and other issues," Gugel says.

He says the county typically conducts it annual transportation priorities review in the spring of each year. But State Highway Administration has asked for a list of interim projects which could be considered as part of the Consolidated Transportation Plan that would be adopted by the Maryland General Assembly in 2014.


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