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Husband and Wife Being Held in Death of their Child

Husband and Wife Being Held in Death of their Child
A husband and wife are behind bars at the Frederick County Adult Detention Center after the death of their child.  "21 year old Stephanie Williams and 24 year old Frankie Williams are both being held on a $1M bond," said Frederick County States Attorney Charles Smith.  Smith also said the toddler, Anayah Williams had just returned to her biological parents from foster care.  "Just a very bad situation because this child was back in the custody of her parents, just after three weeks, and obviously was beaten very badly, and beaten to death," continued Smith.   
The 21 month old was removed from her parents home back in 2012 after she suffered a fractured skull and rib.  "Mr. and Mrs. Williams took to the courts to obviously regain custody of this little girl and were able to do that, but we don't feel that Child Protective Services did anything wrong," said Smith. 
"The maximum penalty for first degree child abuse resulting in death is 40 years in prison," Smith added.   
WFMD News reached out to the Frederick County Department of Social Services, as well as the State Department, to speak with officials about their policy for sending children back to their parents after they have been taken away, but calls were not returned.

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