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Man Rescued After Being Trapped In A Trench

Man Rescued After Being Trapped In A Trench


A man was successfully rescued Tuesday afternoon after becoming trapped in a trench in the Lake Linganore area.

The man was a private contractor who was working on the water system along Eaglehead Drive between North Shore Way and Whistling Swan Way when a 12-inch pipe broke, and water began rushing in, according to Denise Pouget, the Chief of Frederick County Fire and Rescue Services Division. "Units arrived from Frederick County to find him up to his neck with the water rushing in," she says. "So they did an outstanding job."

In addition to Frederick County, units from Montgomery and Howard Counties were dispatched to the scene.

Chief Pouget says emergency workers had to shore up the hole, and get a lot of the debris out of the hole before hoisting the man out. She says he was conscious on the way to the hospital.

The rescued man, only identified as a 49-year-old man from Pennsylvania, was flown to Shock Trauma in Baltimore. "What I was told by the medics was that he was extremely tired, exhausted, after three plus hours. And then on top of that, he had some other injuries. They weren't really descriptive as to exactly what. But they said he was stable but exhausted," she says.

The man was inside the trench for more than three hours. Fire and rescue officials say he was extracted successfully at 6:15 PM.

The Chief was asked why it took so long to get the man out. "You have to be really careful because you don't want to make the problem worse," says Pouget. "Because if you go too fast you'll pull more debris from the sides and it would just cave in on you. You have to get debris out, shore and be very methodical."

A total of 65 personnel and 38 units responded to the scene.

The Maryland Occupational Safety and Health Administration remained on the scene to investigate.


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