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McClement, Young Take Mayoral Primaries

McClement, Young Take Mayoral Primaries

It's off to the general election on November 5th for the winners in Tuesday's primaries in Frederick.

Alderwoman Karen Young took the Democratic primary for Mayor, while incumbent Mayor Randy McClement beat back two challengers in the GOP primary. Young won 1,168 votes, or 50.13%. Delegate Galen Clagett took 925 votes or 39.70%, and Carol Hirsch won 237 votes, or 10.17%.

Young says her secret for winning was "hard work." "I walked the entire city, knocked on doors for 40 hours a week," she says. She says she's ready for the general election, and  will persuade her husband, State Senator Ron Young, to help in her campaign. Ron Young is a former Mayor of Frederick.

On the GOP side, McClement won 808 votes, or 48.70%. He beat back challenges from Alderwoman Shelley Aloi, who won 534 votes, or 32.19%, and former Mayor Jeff Holtzinger, who took in 317 votes, or 19.11%.

McClement says he never thought too much about the challenges in the Republican Primary. "I'm not running against anybody. I'm running for the City of Frederick, and I plan on continuing to move that way," he says. "That's the way I ran before for Aldermen and for Mayor. I'll just go out and state my case, state my opinions, my thoughts, views dreams and hopes, and hope the citizens agree with me and vote for me in November."

Alderwoman Aloi says she would like to have come out on top, but she's happy that she ran for Mayor. But she won't support Mayor McClement's re-election bid at this time. "I ran against this gentlemen because I'm not pleased with the way he's handling our finances. And today, I cannot say that I'm going to support him in his run," she says.

Both McClement and Young will be facing former Mayor Jennifer Dougherty, whose running as an independent.

In the Aldermanic race, Incumbent Democrats Kelly Russell and Michael O'Connor came in number one and two respectively. Russell received 1,646 votes, or 17.67%, and O'Connor won 1,575 votes, or 16.19%. Russell says she believes her success was due to her work over the past four years. "It's been a constant effort to engage the community, and to make good decisions, and have a thoughtful process and listen to what people have to say," she says.

O'Connor says he's "gratified" to come in second. "I've spent the last four years just trying to focus on doing the right things for the city of Frederick. And when you see results like this, it's gratifying because I think that message has translated well to the voters and the residents of the city of Frederick," he says.

The third top vote getter in the Democratic Primary was Jose Bokee, who received 1,431 votes, or 15.36%. Coming in fourth is former Alderwoman Donna Kuzemchak. She thinks it was her previous experience on the board which helped. "We have been walking neighborhoods every weekend, at least a night a week. I got a great campaign team. Everybody is just working very hard," says Kuzemchak.

The fifth top vote getter was John Daniels, with 1,278 votes, or 13.72%. Coming in sixth, seventh and eighth are Derek Shackelford, Jack Lynch and Kevin Greene.

On the Republican side, the candidate coming in number one was Phil Dacey, with 1,295 votes, or 20.69%. "It's very gratifying to put a lot of hard work into the campaign. And I'm humbled and I am extremely happy and gratified that people responded the way they did," he says.

The number two vote getter was Katie Nash, with 1,055 votes or 16.86%. She says her secret is "purely hard work. We started early, we got out there early. We had just a very honest conservation with voters from day-one, and I think that that message has caught on. And I think that people are ready for a fresh face at City Hall," says Nash.

The number three candidate is former Alderman Alan Imhoff, who won 932 votes, or 14.89%. Rounding out the fourth and fifth place for  GOP candidates for Aldermen are David Schmidt and Daniel Cowell.  Coming in sixth and seventh are Hayden Duke and Jill King.

City officials say out of the 27,485 registered voters, 4,082 citizens, or 14.85%, cast ballots.

Absentee ballot counting will take place on Thursday.


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