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New Route Numbers for Frederick County Public School Buses

New Route Numbers for Frederick County Public School Buses

When Frederick County Public School students start back on Monday, August 25, 2014, their buses will be sporting a new feature.

"Instead of just the bus numbers, students will only have to remember a route number," said Michael Doerr, Director of Communications, FCPS. "And those route numbers will be displayed in the window on the side of each bus, and the route number will remain the same, even when you have a substitute driver, or a substitute bus, so, we will have consistency throughout the year," continued Doerr.

For example, a student in the Brunswick High feeder pattern—which includes the high school plus middle and elementary schools that "feed into" that school—will be assigned a route starting with the letter B. "Because there are 15 routes in the Brunswick area, its route numbers are B1 through B15," said Doerr.

Catoctin area routes are numbered C1-C26; Frederick F1-F21; Governor Thomas Johnson G1-G24; Linganore L1-L36; Middletown M1-M36; Oakdale O1-O22; Tuscarora T1-T24; Urbana U1-U26 and Walkersville W1-W25. Special education buses are numbered S1-S87. Heather Ridge buses are numbered H1-H7.

FCPS will display each student's route number online when that feature of the section goes live Friday, August 15, at 5 p.m.

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