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Prince George's County Man Arrested For Identity Theft

Prince George's County Man Arrested For Identity Theft

An individual from Prince George's County is incarcerated in Frederick County for identity theft. State Police say Daniel Augustin Rios Salazar, 51, was arrested on Tuesday morning at a home at 1828 Metzerott Road in Adelphi during a search and seizure operation, and charged with 16 counts related to identity theft; six of which are felonies.

Authorities say Salazar stole personal information from a Walkersville resident, and used it to obtain multiple lines of credit for a period of five years. He used the credit information to purchase multiple vehicles.

During the search and seizure operation, troopers say various financial records and a vehicle were confiscated.

Salazar was transferred from Prince George's County to Frederick County on Tuesday, where he's being held on $100,000 bond.

State Police say during the course of their investigation, numerous subpoenas and court orders were executed to help establish leads in the case. That eventually led to an arrest warrant, along with the search and seizure warrant.


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