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RALE Residents: " We Are Not Done"

We are not done! That statement was made by Steve McKay, the president of Residents Against Lansdale Expansion (RALE), after the Frederick County Commissioners this week, approved the Monrovia Town Center project. "This means that this is a one step in the process," said McKay. "There's different paths ahead. They are legal paths that we will be evaluating," continued McKay. "We're also in an election season. I think it's very important that people in District 2 understand the implications of what went on, and we are going to try and tell them," he said.

The Frederick County Commissioners voted 4 to 1 approving the rezoning of 491 acres from agriculture to planned unit development, making way for 1,250 new homes to be built on property located north of Route 80, on both sides of Route 75.

"They've always been very clear that they supported and they wanted to do this. But we needed to make our argument. We needed to be there to make our argument, to let them know that we didn't want it. That didn't mean that we expected them to do a 180 and changed their minds. It's not a surprise to me, but it's a disappointment," McKay continued.

Hundreds and hundreds of Monrovia residents stand against the project.


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