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SHA To Close Access To Service Road Along Southbound Rt. 15

SHA To Close Access To Service Road Along Southbound Rt. 15

The Maryland State Highway Administration says it will close the access to the service road which parallels Route 15 south near Willow Road effective Tuesday, September third. SHA says it made this decision due to recent changes which prohibit left turns from northbound Route 15 onto Willow Road.

The agency says drivers heading northbound on Route 15 who want to get on to Willow Road are encouraged to make a U turn at Biggs Ford Road. But many motorists are making U turns at Willow Road, and the merging on to the service road. Highway officials say this 1500-foot distance is too short to allow a safe merge into heavy traffic.

SHA says the southern access to this service road was scheduled to close as part of the construction of a new interchange at Route 15 and Monocacy Boulevard, which is scheduled to begin construction next year. But that decision was moved up due to changes that prohibit left hand turns from Route 15 on to Willow Road.

"We regret any inconvenience this change may create and appreciate your understanding of the need to put safety first in this location," says SHA District Engineer Dave Coyne.


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