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State Returns Check From County Commissioners

State Returns Check From County Commissioners


The Maryland Board of Public Works has returned a $200,000 check to Frederick County. The Commissioners sent in that check in order to be released of its bond obligations.

The money from the state was used to help construct new facilities for the Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center, and the Montevue Assisted Living Center.

In a letter to the Commissioners, the Executive Director of BPW, Sheila McDonald, said that the state had deferred action on the county's request to be released from its bond obligations, and accepting the check would have been "premature."

The Commissioners in June decided to sell Citizens and Montevue.

The grant agreement terminates when the state bonds used to fund the grant are repaid in 2026. The County Commissioners have requested that BPW provide written consent to a proposed sale of Citizens and Montevue as provided in the grant agreement.

But Commissioners' President Blaine Young says that won't stop the County with going ahead with the  sale of the two facilities. "We are going forward with the sale of the nursing and assisted care facility to a well-respected private company as approved on June 25th, and we are returning the money to the state as we were alloted through a grant," Young said in a statement.

The County hopes to sell the two facilities, and use the proceeds to retire the County debt issued in connection with them.

The Maryland Board of Public Works consists of the Governor, State Treasurer and Comptroller.


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