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Superintendent Makes Call To Open FCPS On Time, Despite Cold Temperatures

Superintendent Makes Call To Open FCPS On Time, Despite Cold Temperatures

Many parents were outraged Tuesday morning when Frederick County Public Schools did not close or have a delay with a wind chill warning in place and bone chilling temperatures. 

"I made the decision to keep schools open because the process that I used from the National Weather Service indicated that a child would have to be at the bus stop for at least 30 minutes before developing hypothermia or frostbite, even though the temperature was low and the wind-chill was in that zone," said Dr. Terry Alban, FCPS Superintendent. "Every parent has the right to veto my decision and do what they feel is best for their child, because we also have a policy in place that if a parent decides to keep his child home because of the weather, that is an excused absence," continued Dr. Alban. 

Alban said a lot was done by staff to be proactive.  "We had heat on in our buildings overnight, to make sure that staff and kids would arrived to a building that was warm and comfortable.  We started our buses 45 minutes earlier to make sure that all of our buses were running and that heat would be flowing inside the buses," Alban said.

Accu-Weather says the cold temperatures will continue Wednesday with the high only reaching in the upper 20's.  Wind chills will remain in the negative for part of the morning, weather officials said.

"1/4 of our students walk to school and 3/4 ride the bus, and a lot of parents take their kids to school and a two hour delay might have even made it difficult for parents to do that again," said Alban.  Schools in Frederick County were on a 2 hour delay Monday, but Dr. Alban said it wasn't because of the temperatures.  "It was because of the icy roads and we didn't want our buses traveling in those conditions," she said.  


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