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Thurmont Man Pleads Guilty To Sexual Abuse Of A Minor

Thurmont Man Pleads Guilty To Sexual Abuse Of A Minor

One count of sexual abuse of a minor is what a Thurmont man pled guilty to today (Thurs)  in Frederick County Circuit Court.  "John Salvi, who is 72 years old, was arrested back in February of this year.  He faces sentencing on November 13th," said Charlie Smith, Frederick County States Attorney, in a press release.

"The victim is 13 years old, but due to a form of autism, functions as a 7 to 9 year old," said Smith.  In a press release it said that the victim, who lived in the same apartment complex as Salvi, would go to Salvi's apartment to play on a regular basis.  In February of this year, Salvi sent a text message to the victim asking if she could come visit him alone, and not bring an older sibling as planned.  At that point the victim's parents became suspicious.  After being questioned the victim revealed that Salvi had been touching her.  The allegations include rubbing the victim's butt and genitals with his hand, over her clothing, and rubbing his genitals up against her, over clothing, the release went on to say. 

The press release also said that the victim's older, adult sister posed as the victim on her cell phone and engaged in a conversation with Salvi in which she asked him not to touch her if she came down to his apartment this time.  Through the text messages Salvi confirmed that he had touched the victim inappropriately.  Salvi also admitted to the contact, to an extent, to police, but minimized it.  The release said it is unclear exactly how many times the contact occurred, but it was at least four to five times.

All of the incidents happened between Christmas, 2012, and Valentines Day, 2013.

 Sentencing is scheduled for November 13th, and Smith says the State's Attorney's Office plans to ask for ten years in prison.  "Whether the defendant is 72 or 27, it doesn't matter to us," he says.  "He deserves substantial incarceration for violating a child."



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