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Volunteers Needed for Frederick County 4H Therapeutic Riding Program

Volunteers Needed for Frederick County 4H Therapeutic Riding Program

Volunteers are encouraged to sign-up for the Frederick County 4-H Therapeutic Riding Program, (FC4HTRP) Fall Volunteer Training Session that begins September 6, 2014.

During the training session, volunteers will tour the farm, watch a slide show presentation on the program followed by a question and answer session. They will also receive hands-on instruction working with the students, learning to lead the horses and support the riders as side walkers.

Each year 78 students receive therapeutic riding lessons free-of-charge for seven weeks in the spring and seven weeks in the fall. The program, which was established in 1984 with 16 riders, maintains a waiting list of hopeful riders each year. The FC4HTRP Program’s expansion is limited to the number of volunteers who are available to assist with riders and horses, as well as donations received. This year over 40 riders are waiting for the opportunity to participate in the program.

"We have been very fortunate to have such dedicated volunteers who commit their time to our program," said Debbie Endlich, president of FC4HTRP. "And, it’s because of these dedicated people that we are able to offer our riders weekly 45-minute rides during the spring and fall sessions. However, going into the fall season, we are in need of more volunteers in order to offer our program to more students."

The FC4HTRP provides a recreational experience and therapeutic regimen to Frederick County citizens with medically certified mental, physical and emotional disabilities. Riders must submit physician, therapist and teacher information about their condition before beginning the program. FC4HTRP therapists and instructors review the riders’ medical history and develop a personalized program for each student in collaboration with his/her physician, therapist, teacher/employer, riding instructor and family members.

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