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Vote Next Week Could Determine Future Of Citizens, Montevue

Vote Next Week Could Determine Future Of Citizens, Montevue

An important decision is expected next week regarding the Citizens Care and Rehabilitation Center, and the Montevue Assisted Living Center. The Frederick Zoning Board of Appeals is scheduled to vote on a proposal to subdivide the 41-acre property, one with Citizens and Montevue, and the remainder with the other buildings on site.

In May, the Frederick Planning Commission approved the subdivision of the parcel at Montevue Lane and Rosemont Avenue. A month later, the County Commissioners voted to sell the two centers to Aurora Health Care Management.

Commissioners' President Blaine Young says this should be a routine vote, unless politics becomes involved in it. "The decision may be that it's sent back to the Planning Commission. Then the process starts all over. It would drag the process out," he says.

But that won't affect the upcoming sale of Montevue and Citizens,he says. "If the goal is to drag out the sale of the property, it will do that potentially for several months. But in terms of Aurora, a private entity being in there operating the facility, that's already being done. It has been done since August 1st," Young says.

Commissioner David Gray, who voted against the sale when it was decided in June, says the Zoning Board of Appeals will make a fair decision. "As a board, they don't let themselves get sucked into being curt with some people like happens with some other boards," he says.

Gray says he's unsure what legal recourse the Commissioners have if the Zoning Board delays or blocks the subdivision of the property. "I think that the fact that this will likely delay the sale which I think an awful lot of people will be very pleased with, and I can't say blame them," says Gray.

The Zoning Board of Appeals is expected to take its vote on Tuesday, November 26th.


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