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Walkersville High To Observe 'Save The Next Girl' Day On Thurs.

Walkersville High To Observe 'Save The Next Girl' Day On Thurs.

How to protect young women against violence will be highlighted Thursday at Walkersville High School. The School's "Help Save the Next Girl" chapter will be holding a series of events that promote safety for young women, and what they can do to prevent becoming  victims  of assault, rape or other types of violence.

It's a nationwide public service campaign, according to Claire Raimist, the President of the chapter and a 10th grader at Walkersville High. "It was started by Dan and Jill Harrington after their daughter, Morgan, was abducted and was missing for 101 days. And then was found. She was murdered. She was a Virginia Tech student," she says. Morgan's disappearance took place in October, 2009. She was found deceased in January, 2010.

Raimist says she wants to shift from what she calls the "culture of complacency" in response to violence, and focus on educating, sharing, motivating and leading girls and young women and the community through educational and service activities, according to a news release from the Walkersville High chapter of "Help Save the Next Girl. "I feel like in a community like Walkersville and Frederick, it's so small and people kind of feel like they know everyone, and so they feel really safe. And a lot of people don't realize that it's not just strangers who can do bad things to you," says Raimist.

The chapter says Walkersville High students will learn more about "Help Save Another Girl" during their lunch shifts on Thursday. Members will be on hand to share information, and pass out bracelets. Students will have the chance to sign the HSTNG banner which will hang in the commons area of Walkersville High for the rest of the school year.

Students will also be offered a pledge to help end violence against women and girls. Raimist repeats some of the pledge. "I will always trust my instincts. I will call someone I trust when I'm in trouble. I will always carry my cell phone. I will never leave an event alone," she says.

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