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Winter Weather Could Come Sooner Then Expected

Winter Weather Could Come Sooner Then Expected


You may want to break out the winter jacket, gloves, boots, hats and scarves very soon. The cold and snowy weather could be here sooner than you think. "Our winter may actually get off to an early start," says Expert Senior Meteorologist Jack Boston with AccuWeather. "We're going to be close in the month of November to the possibility for actually seeing an early snowfall before Thanksgiving."

But Boston says in December and January, the area could see more rain than snow, and temperatures are expected to be above normal. He says there's little possibility of a white Christmas. "I think the chances are probably low that will happen this year. I think there's a chance back in the Appalachians," says Boston.

However, things could get interesting in late winter, he says. "As far as the latter part of the winter, we get into late January and especially into February, we think that the storm track is going to become more favorable for us to actually see snow in northern Maryland," says Boston.

He says the weather in our region is due to events taking place in other parts of the country, and the world. A phenomenon known as the Pacific North America Pattern will keep the cold air and snow n the west and central United States in December and January, and away from the Mid-Atlantic. But in February, a phenomenon known as the North Atlantic Oscillation will mean colder and more snowy weather coming  to the region.

Right now, Boston says, AccuWeather meteorologists are "confident" there will be snow during late January and early February.

The Washington region, including Frederick County, has experienced cool weather recently, and some patchy frost early Monday morning. The northern suburbs could see their first freeze over the next several days, according to forecasters.


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