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Recent Winter Weather Means More Lost School Days

Recent Winter Weather Means  More Lost School Days

More adjustments will need to be  made to the Frederick County Public School System calendar due to Monday's snow storm. FCPS has already gone beyond its five allotted snow days for 2013-14.

Dr. Theresa Alban, Superintendent of Schools, says the Board of Education last month identified five days to make up for the lost school days. Classes will now be held on March 21st, a teacher work day; also on April 14th and 15th, the first two days of spring break, and on June 12th. "We are waiting to get approval from the state department {Maryland State Department of Education} to use the Monday after Easter {April 21st}, which is a state-mandated holiday. And then we will be even," she says.

But Monday's snow means  more makeup days will need to be added, Dr. Alban says. That could include asking the state board of education for a waiver of the requirement that classes be held 180 days a year. If granted, that would bring the number of school days to 179. "So there will be no easy decisions facing our board if we get any more snow days," she says.

Dr. Alban says it's been frustrating trying  to reschedule classes this year due to the harsh winter. "It has been almost every week where we've had some sort of weather event that has disrupted the schedule," she says. "So I think it has been a very, very challenging winter for our students and our staff."

In anticipation of that problem, the Board of Ed last week identified five additional days in the 2014-15 academic calendar outside of the built-in snow days as potential makeup days in the event that next year's winter is as harsh as this one.


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