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Mayoral Roundtable

Mayoral Roundtable

Monday July 8th - starting 6:30pm
The Faux School on the Carrol Creek between Carrol Street
and the C Burr Arts Library

FREDERICK'S NEWSRADIO 930 WFMD  - Gorilla Magazine -
Young Democrats & Young Republicans of Frederick County

Prior to the primary election we rarely see candidates from the various parties come together to discuss the issues. Yet, there is so much to learn from those who are running, including those who don’t make it into the general election. Frederick is an involved community with a passion for understanding all the issues facing our future. So, in that spirit, Frederick Gorilla magazine has joined forces with WFMD radio, the Young Democrats of Frederick County and the Young Republicans of Frederick County to produce a Roundtable Forum that brings all the Mayoral candidates together before the primary for an intimate and candid discussion on the top issues facing The City of Frederick Today.
This will be an open discussion where audience members are invited to participate and where candidates will not be subject to timed responses but instead will be expected to show decorum and manners to their fellow candidates.  This forum will give our readers and listener and community members a rare opportunity to see their candidates speak openly and without rehearsal about the key issues the community wants them to address.
Therefore, on July 8th at 6:30pm, the Mayoral candidates for the City of Frederick will gather for this discussion.
The event will take place at the Faux School in Downtown Frederick. The event will begin at 6:30 and will go on for approximately an hour and not longer than an hour and a half.


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