The Frederick Faith Debate

The Frederick Faith Debate

Family Photos (clockwise)

June 2003 - Aaron’s graduation day in Gettysburg, with cousin Ginny and Bernardine & Julia

Sept. 2004 - Final fall family photo as a family of six

Sept. 2005 - Josh and Kerin’s wedding day

May 2005 - Joshua and Kerin’s official seaside engagement photo. All smiles!


1998 photo of Bernie & Linda with their "boss’s, boss’s, boss’s, boss’s, boss!" Bill & Vonette Bright founded Campus Crusade for Christ in 1951. Truly an influence for Christ to untold millions, several times Dr. Bright personally encouraged us in our ministry in D.C.  After passing away in July of 2003, the first line of his official obituary included the words "founder of the world’s largest Christian ministry and known around the globe as one of the most vigorous Christian evangelists."


2004 - National Bridges Office staff & families, College Park, Maryland

One unique role Bernie had with Bridges was coordinating sending Asian graduate students who had come to Christ in the U.S. back to their homeland on mission trips we called Nehemiah Projects.

Chris Cunningham & a group of int’l students he brought to see D.C. with Bernie

Harriet and her Chinese friend greet newlyweds

Ogden Family at Great Wall of China. Mark brought Asians to visit the USA


1979 - Mark speaking at a Christians for Cambodia Rally in NYC near the U.N.

2005 - Bridges Europe Int’l Student Conference in Berlin, Germany

2005 - At the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin with several of the Bridges International staff from America. We were in Germany to assist at the Bridges Europe Int’l Student Conference (photo previous page). From left to right: G.P. Foote (Iowa), Ricky Stevens (N.C. State), Chuck Lewis (WVU), Bernie and Ted Child (UMD).


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