The Frederick Faith Debate

The Frederick Faith Debate

Family Photos (clockwise)

2006 - We launch Great Commission Families & our first grandchild is born!

2007 Easter - May Chapman lived the last weeks of her life in our home

2008 - Sarah’s Senior Piano Recital

2011 - Four beautiful granddaughters

2012 - Evie is our fifth granddaughter

2012 - Aaron & Christina are married

2013 - Ezra, our first grandson, arrives


Baltimore Inner Harbor - With amazing poise, grace and passion, Daniel recited the entirety of Romans 8. And it was a special delight to see how enthusiastically the chil-dren were in giving gospel fliers to people, and how grateful they were to take them.

2007 - The Razvi Family children singing the National Anthem at the Baltimore Inner Harbor. Someone passing by asked, "Are they the new Von Trapp Family?" ļ

2007 - Engagement party for Brad & Jooyoung


2010 - N.C. State int’l students at the Jefferson Memorial (Andy White is top right)

D.C. Monumental Outreach Tour orientation and Bernie sharing one of his many gospel-focused flag stories

2013 - ELI businessmen at Mount Vernon (Randal & Dr. Yu 2nd & 3rd from left)

2007 - Daniel Cox and Family.  Francis S. Key’s home Terra Rubra


2009 - TeenPact Annapolis, Maryland (Bernie & Daniel are on the far right)


2007 - Our first Harpers Ferry Outreach Tour team ready to begin!

2009 - Our first annual Titanic Men’s Outreach Dinner, and Bernie sharing three spiritual lessons from the sinking of the Titanic.

2012 - The Schott family praying before our outreach in Sharpsburg on the 150th Anniversary of the Battle of Antietam

2013 - Joel Fischer & Daniel at the "In The Street" Festival before the crowds came.

2009 - Our friend Steve giving gospel fliers we re-printed from the Civil War to re-enactors who receive it gladly.

Steve McCurdy led our two neighborhood Tree ID Hikes with knowledge and skill in a way that pointed the many families who joined us to the God of creation!


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