The Frederick Faith Debate

The Frederick Faith Debate

Simple Social Media Strategies

Simple Social Media Strategies for Everyone Who Wants to
Connect, Engage, and Grow Their Business

Are you ready to build lasting and effective relationships online, expand your digital reach and attract targeted prospects to your business—all via social media?


  • New Social Media insightsto build relationships and expand your digital footprint.
  • How to leverage your efforts, save time andproduce real results.
  • Simple insider secrets to gettop search engine rankings.
  • How to monetize your efforts with sites like YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
  • The three critical factors that can make or break your online marketing.
  • How to get tons of free traffic, improved usabilityand more sales.
  • Strategies to create a value-added presence within your community of followers.

It's a fact. You don't really own your brand anymore, your customers do. Ford shares strategies on how to navigate, protect, influence and leverage social media relationships. He presents strategies on how to leverage your brand, products and services through major social media hot spots, like LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and your blog.

Social Influence Webinar with Ford Saeks

  • Ford Saeks

    Ford sets himself apart from other social media "experts” with his unique combination of business and marketing knowledge. He has mastered the art of how to leverage the power of social media to monetize your efforts, save time and produce real results with social media.

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