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Christmas Cash for Kids Thank you

I would like to take a moment and thank everyone who made Christmas Cash for Kids (CC4K) a huge success. We raised over $142 Thousand dollars and helped over 1700 children right here in Frederick County.


First I would like to thank the Staff and Management of WFMD/WFRE. This is a crazy week and we have people in and out of the building, taking over the conference room. This is a business and even though it is a wonderful thing that is being done they’re sacrifices being made and I thank everyone for their patience and understanding. It is also a very important as WFMD is in a rating period and to stop regular programming is a big risk but one that everyone who makes decisions believes is worth the risk.


I would like to thank the following companies who went out of their way to make Christmas Cash for Kids the wonderful blessing that it is.


PNC Bank, Rentals Unlimited, We Help You Move,  Toys R Us , Murray Financial Group, Denny’s, Bob Evans, Beef N Buns in Paradise, Buckeystown Pub, Dutch’s Daughter, Doc Geiser’s Carryout, Dunkin Doughnuts, The Perfect Blend , Honeybaked Ham, Columbia Bank, New York New York Salon, Dr. Cappuccino MD, Frederick Shell and the Hampton Inn and Suites.


What makes Christmas Cash for Kids so special is the people. I know I can’t name everyone but I will give it my best. Jordan Ross, LeeAnn Little and Robin Ballew who took time off from work to be here almost everyhour of every minute of Christmas Cash for Kids answering the phones taking pledges making coffee whatever was asked of them.


To all the people who got up on a very very cold Sunday to be at Toys R Us to shop at 6am even though it is fun it is also hard work and we appreciate it.


Bob Fisher who was security.


We have a wonderful group of dedicated Radio professionals who don’t work for the Radio Station but make it their home for the week. Ron Ross, Kemosabe Joe..Johnny Holliday and Jim Bohannhon, Radio professionals who very well known but make an effort to help with a local cause


The team at WFMD is the best and wouldn’t want to work with anyone else. Dianah Gibson, Kevin McManus, Dina Carole, Blaine Young and Frank Mitchell you make this so easy to do.


A very special group of people make Christmas Cash for Kids a special time. Debbie Williams always brings her sweet personality and Godly spirit with her wherever she is. Terry Cramer is the heart and soul of Christmas Cash for Kids he lives for this time of year and is already planning next year.


We got a chance to meet the new faces of the Salvation Army this year. Lieutenants Mike and Kathy Michaels are going to be a blessing to Frederick for years to come. They have a staff that is so awesome they really are the “boots on the ground” when it comes to Christmas Cash for Kids.


The unsung hero is the lady who wants to be behind the scenes but we would have a hard time without her; Jennifer Ross shopper and keeper of the spreadsheet. Her work is just beginning when we say our final goodbyes. She will spend your money wisely. J


Finally, to everyone who gave money to Christmas Cash for Kids a huge thank you. It is your generosity that really makes a difference for the children of Frederick County. You amaze me at your giving every year. When we start on Monday we have no clue where this will end and year after year you hear the call and you respond. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to know many of you who give. I come to work everyday knowing that I am not talking to strangers but conversing with friends who know a great cause when they hear about it. You, my friends have my undying gratitude and my utmost respect.


Thank you and May god Bless you During the Christmas Season.


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