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Computer can tell if you are a fake

We think we can tell what people are feeling by the look on their faces. But, researchers have shown that computers can do a better job than us.

Scientists from the University of California-San Diego focused on two motor systems in the brain that control facial movement – one that controls faked facial expressions of emotion and one that controls genuine expressions.

What’s really creepy:


  • Humans were only able to distinguish between real versus phony expressions with a 55 percent accuracy rate. Then the researchers tested a computer system that was created to measure facial movements and recognize patterns. Guess what? The computer won.
  • And get this: The computer system was able to pick up on the subtle differences between real and fake emotions with an 85 percent accuracy rate.

The findings, published in the journal Current Biology, suggest that humans are able to successfully dupe others with faked expressions because of the way our brains are built


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