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Crazy Car laws

We've all heard the line, "Driving is a privilege not a right." Anyone of legal age can become a driver, but they have to follow the rules of the road or else pay a penalty.

There are a lot of rules for drivers to follow, and many that are only present in specific states or countries. Some of them are pretty ridiculous, but rules are rules and they must be obeyed.

Here are some of the craziest driving rules from around the world.

1. In Denmark drivers must look under their cars before starting the engine to make sure no one is underneath it.

2. In Spain drivers who wear glasses are required to have an extra pair of glasses in the car.

3. In Manila, Philippines, you are not allowed to drive on Mondays if your license plate ends in 1 or 2.

4. In Alaska there's a law which states that it's illegal to drive with a dog tied to the roof of the car.

5. In Sarasota, Florida, a driver will be fined $78 for hitting a pedestrian.

6. In Montana you cannot leave a sheep unattended in a truck.

7. In Nevada it is illegal to ride a camel on the highway.

8. In Russia you'll be fined for driving a dirty car.

9. In Luxembourg all vehicles must have windshield wipers, even if they don't have a windshield.

10. In Japan you'll be fined $65 if you drive through a puddle and splash a pedestrian. (Huffington Post)


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