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Do you have a great job?

Are you one of those folks that thinks you have the best job ever? If you’re a mathematician, you actually do.  Why? Mathematicians hold the top spot of a new list of the year's best jobs, according to CareerCast website. As for why it’s such a great gig – consider the paycheck. In 2013, mathematicians brought home an average salary of  $101-thousand. 


Tenured university professor ranked second, followed by statistician and actuary.  At the very bottom of the list was lumberjack, followed by newspaper reporter, enlisted military personnel, and taxi driver.


The list was compiled by evaluating 200 different jobs based on criteria such as environment; income at low, middle and high career positions; the outlook for salaries as well as employment growth; and of course, stress possibilities (deadlines, anyone?) Here’s a look at the top ten jobs and their median incomes:


1. Mathematician — $101,360
2. Tenured University Professor — $68,970
3. Statistician — $75,560
4. Actuary — $93,680
5. Audiologist — $69,720
6. Dental Hygienist — $70,210
7. Software Engineer — $93,350
8. Computer Systems Analyst — $79,680
9. Occupational Therapist — $75,400
10. Speech Pathologist — $69,870


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