The Morning News Express

The Morning News Express

I am being Boycotted Yeah for me !!!!!

So first thing i see when I get to work is an email that said:
Your radio show has been identified as a supporter and / or sponsor of Blaine Young, Frederick County Board of County Commissioners President.

You have been added to a publicly accessible BOYCOTT list.

To be removed from the list and publicly identified as a Blaine Young supporter, it is recommended that you publicly break all sponsorship and financial ties with Mr. Young.

First of all while i don't always agree with what Blaine Young does or says and if you ask him I make fun of him more than any other public figure.

I have known Blaine Young for over 15 years I consider him a friend. Blaine has been a supporter in many causes that i am very passionate about. Blaine has given and has raised well over 50K for Christmas Cash for kids and has always given of his time for many causes that benefit non profits.

When this emailer who BTW has used a fake name when sending his email gives as much time and money to causes that help people in Frederick County as Blaine Does I might not send is petty email straight to my delete folder.


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