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Yes I know this is a fact at the Miller Home!

According to a new study, men around the world are still not pulling their weight at home.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development tracked 28 countries in the developed world – and found that in 22 of them, women end up working longer hours than men each week.

Guys around the world still tend to work more hours at the office.

But when you add in all the household duties, women are “on the clock” more hours in the day than men.

This is true here in the United States. Men and women now work nearly an equal number of hours outside the house – but the women take on more of the household burden:

  • American men work an average of 50.6 hours a week – 33 hours at a job and 17.6 hours on household tasks.
  • Women work 50.9 hours a week – 23.8 hours at a job and 27.1 hours at home. (

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