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Moms could yousitting on the couch be the reason your kid is Fat?

Is your kid just laying around when they should be playing around? It may be your low activity to blame, at least according to research done on 554 moms and their four-year-olds.


"We saw a direct, positive association between physical activity in children and their mothers,” said Kathryn Hesketh of University College London. “The more activity a mother did, the more active her child."


Kids and their moms were fitted with Actiheart monitors (combined accelerometer and heart rate monitor) to record their physical activity levels for up to a week.


Maternal education, whether the child had siblings, and whether his or her father was present at home also had effects on how active the little rugrat was.

The study, which appeared in "The Journal of Pediatrics," suggests that policies to improve kid's health should be directed to whole families and should encourage moms particularly.


Moms need to get off their rumps and get moving, or your kids will be couch potatoes well into their 30’s.


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