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What no collisions at home plate? How do you ban that?

Major League Baseball wants to play it safe. On Wednesday the MLB Rules Committee voted to ban collisions at home plate. The rule has to be approved by the MLB Players Association, but they are expected to let it slide by.

The rule change would mean that players would have to slide into home plate on a close play, rather than colliding with the opposing team's catcher in an attempt to knock the ball loose.

The rule was prompted by recent studies on the dangers of concussions and injuries to catchers, such as the Giants Buster Posey, who was knocked out for the season in 2011 after a collision with the Marlin's Scott Cousins.

If the Players Association approves the rule change, it could be put into play for the 2014. If they reject it, MLB can still put the rule into effect, but they'll have to wait until the 2015 season.

Source: Sports Illustrated


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